The force of nature is inevitable, but disasters are avoidable. In this limited-run podcast, listeners travel with community advocates as they uncover hard-won lessons from people experiencing California wildfires and Texas storms, finding ways to forge a more just and equitable future.

Community organizers Chrishelle Palay and Rose Arrieta lead us on a journey, meeting and learning from frontline survivors, first responders, and multigenerational organizers who have found creative ways to serve their communities when they were hit by devastating wildfires and hurricanes. As they capture these reflections, the people they meet are forced to put all they’ve learned to the test when confronted by new crises — more wildfires, unprecedented earthquakes, a hurricane, and a global pandemic. But Next Time is a limited-run podcast that spotlights powerful stories of community-led disaster prevention and recovery and answers one vital question: how can we ensure that next time will be different?